The Afternoon Club 2016

Would you like to spend an hour or two doing what we do best chatting and drinking tea/coffee?! 

The Afternoon Club is purely a social event were people affected by Motor Neurone Disease can get-together and really get to know one another better and maybe help each other. There is a great truth in the saying " a trouble shared is a trouble halved" 

So will you come? 

All are welcome family and friends 

We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, from February to November, at St Matthew's Church Hall, Darley Abbey Drive, Darley Abbey, Derbyshire, DE22 1EE. from 1pm till 3 pm.

Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 23 March
Wednesday 27 April
Wednesday 25 May
Wednesday 22 June
Wednesday 27 July
Wednesday 24 August
Wednesday 28 September
Wednesday 26 October
Wednesday 23 November
Wednesday 14 December - Christmas

If you require further information, please contact

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